Hands holding a heart representing therapy and healing

Soma & Sage
by Sage Wilde

Hands holding a heart representing therapy and healing

Soma & Sage
by Sage Wilde

Sage Wilde

I’m Sage Wilde, a Sex Therapist, Somatic Sexologist and Relationship Coach.

I specialise in guiding and educating people to feel empowered about their sexuality and relationships.

When we feel connected to ourselves and the people we love, it can have a profound and lasting impact on our self-esteem, confidence, and happiness.

Sage Wilde is the founder of Soma & Sage
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Soma & Sage

I created Soma & Sage (body and wisdom) to help people experience greater pleasure, deeper intimacy and stronger relationships, both with themselves and their partners.

Combining education, research, and relationship coaching with somatic therapy (breath, sound, movement, touch), I help people to make lasting connections between their body and mind.

Pleasure & Relationships

When we understand how to activate and draw from our body’s inner wisdom, we increase our self-acceptance, self-love, and self-worth, which allows us to step into our authentic self and experience authentic relationships.

Being true to ourselves and our sexuality can help us heal from past experiences, overcome current challenges, and allow us to pursue new and enhanced pleasures.

Male and female couple holding hands for somatic therapy
Sage Wilde provides somatic therapy and relationship counselling

Qualifications & Certifications

Professional Degrees

  • Master of Counselling & Psychotherapy – Australian College of Applied Professions (current)
  • Bachelor of Psychology (BPsychSc) – Griffith University

Professional Certifications

  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Level 1 & 2 Clinical Training) – The Gottman Institute
  • Integrative Sex and Couples Certification Training – Dr Tammy Nelson
  • Certificate in Somatic Sexology – Institute of Somatic Sexology
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy – Dr Pat Ogden

I have also completed numerous courses, related to:

  • Sexual health and wellness
  • Relationship and attachment styles
  • Mind-body integration
  • Somatic / Embodied counselling
  • Trauma and the nervous system

Professional Memberships

Published Research