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Sex Therapy, Somatic Sexology and Relationship Coaching

I offer individual or partnered sessions, either in-person (Brisbane) or online (Australia-wide).

If you are a new client, book a Free Initial Consultation which will help you understand if these services are right for you.

Initial Consultation

Personal or Partnered

  • Online
  • 15 min
  • Free

Personal Session

For individuals

  • In-person or Online
  • Intake session: 80 min – $180
  • Ongoing sessions: 60 min – $150

Partnered Session

For you and your partner(s)

  • In-person or Online
  • Intake session: 90 min – $220
  • Ongoing sessions: 60 min – $180

Education & Information

Are you curious about a particular sex or relationship topic and want to know more? If you have questions or are seeking further information about sex or relationships, book a Question Session to have them answered.

Ask a Question

Personal or Partnered

  • Phone or Online
  • 30 min
  • $75

Getting Started – New Clients

  1. Book a Free Initial Consultation
    As a new client, you may have questions about therapy and its benefits for you. Schedule a free initial consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your goals and understand how I can support your therapeutic journey.

  2. Attend Your First Session
    Once you’ve booked, a confirmation email with session details will be sent to you. Our first meeting is an important step in understanding your personal history, present challenges, and future goals. This lays a solid foundation for future sessions.

  3. Engage in Ongoing Sessions
    Each session begins with reflections on your progress and discussions around any out-of-session work. Our focus will then shift to what you aim to achieve in the current session, working together towards both your immediate and long-term objectives. We conclude each session with a reflective period, allowing space for any questions or feedback.

  4. Incorporate Out-of-Session Work
    Our work extends beyond our sessions. Applying learned insights and skills in everyday life is essential for long-term change. To help you with this, expect practical tasks such as handouts and exercises to reinforce your progress.

Each session is client-led, ensuring that you have control over the topics and pace. My role is to provide support and guidance as you work towards your goals. With a trauma-informed approach at the core of our sessions, I’ll ensure a collaborative and safe environment for your journey of growth and healing.

Sage Wilde provides somatic therapy and relationship counselling